So Persistant!

Dad thinks I smoke, but he has never mentioned anything about it.

Only on two occassions.

1. In M’sia while having continental breakfast in the morning.

Mom: Why is there a black dot on your lip?

Dad: Smoke too much right.

Me: Huh? I don’t smoke!

Dad: Don’t lie.

Mom: You better dont let me catch you smoking otherwise blahblahblah.

Dad: (munches on his food & keeeps quiet)

2. In M’sia again. This time in the hotel room when my dad lights up a stick and I start to smell the smoke.


Mom: Yea lah, (his full name)!

Dad: As if you don’t smoke. (to me)

Me: I don’t what.

Dad: You don’t think I dont know. Then what’s all those lighters in your room huh?

Me: Not mine lah, my friends’.

Dad: (smirks) Your friends’…

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New Shoes, Old friend.

Old friend, you shall be my secret. (:
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In sickness & in health.

2009-10-31 03.40.11

2009-11-02 02.59.29

2009-11-02 03.04.03

Still browsing, still cutting, still pasting.

I wanted to keep myself busy, so I took out all the magazines I had, and started to cut and paste, in hope of designing my wedding gown.

How random can things get? You tell me.

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Better Luck Next Time.

fucking joke


Try Harder. Please Dont Give Up.

My toes are laughing.

But I’m just gonna leave that friend request unanswered because it’s a reminder of what a joke you are.

Makes my day. Yay.


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You Are No Exception.

you are no exception.

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Ways to Forget.

Delete. Backspace. Cancel. Erase.


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.




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To Conquer, or be Conquered

It's a battle

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Goodbye October.



  • Picnic on Michelle’s 19th on 24thsept.
  • House Parties ; Intoxication II & Drunkfest.
  • Ladies Night @ Zirca,Rebel, thereafter Zouk!
  • Manda’s 19th Surprise @ CoffeeClub, therafter Zouk!

Plum Vodka, Apple Shooters, Blowjob, Jagerbombs, Lychee Martinis, Pineapple Malibu. Yummy.


Very Yummy.

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Dear Unknown,

As I type every key with a tinge of hesistance, I ask myself if I should talk about it. Is it even worth talking about?

I wanna stop waking up with swollen eyes in the morning.

Love, Me.

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On Impulse?

Picture 0016


Snipped my hair. Snipped alot of it.

People thought I was crazy.

My cousin ( who did my hair) thought I had a fever.


I did it for a change.

And I really hate my hair now.


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