You Asked For It.


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19 years living has taught me…

In Ghosts of Girlfriends Past; Connor Mead: Someone once told me that the power in all relationships lies with whoever cares less.


  • That the above, is almost true
  • To never find love, ’cause love will find its way to you.
  • That I should be having the time of my life now!
  • To be stronger, much stronger than before.
  • The power to ignore.
  • To accept.
  • To believe in karma.
  • That even though beauty is deep within, it’s the power to self-confidence.
  • What amazing things self-confidence can do to one.
  • How desperate people can get.
  • That trust in a relationship is vital.
  • That once a man lies, it’s nothing good.
  • To NEVER be with a man who lies.
  • To think twice,triple,quadruple times before committing.
  • That money does wonders.
  • That money, harms relationships.
  • That you never know who’s true.
  • That having tons of friends, MEAN NOTHING.
  • How much I hate attention.
  • That I just might be interested in girls.


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4 words.

I know you lied.

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Save his soul.

Final lap.

Race ended.

Angels from above, guide him now and save his soul.

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Not a major change, just minor alterations.


I’m working so hard on my persuation for one.

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1. Intensed or unrestrained sexual craving.
2. a) An overwhelming desire or craving.
   b) Intense eagerness or enthusiasm.
3. Obsolete Pleasure;relish.
(According to

In this context, the below would be  AN OVERWHELMING DESIRE OR CRAVING.

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balmain rtw fall2009-1


balmain rtw fall2009-2



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MOM, Ive Got Shit On My Pants.



“Mom, I’ve Got Shit On My Pants.”


My mom used to clean it up for me.


Not now though. Yes, it’s just me now. Cleaning all this messed up shit.

THIS, is exactly one of those moments where you ask yourself just why and what the fuck are you doing whatever that you are doing. And after all that shit you question, you find yourself doing what you’re doing ALL.OVER.AGAIN.

For him to be able to contact M, it just shows how much of a friend you’ve made me.

And then I probe, ” What’s the point of going an extra mile for you when you don’t even appreciate.”

They say ” Kindness begets Kindness.”

Not this time round. Which is just about, never.

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Hope my premonitions misses.


Here I am, at 3 in the morning, making myself peanut butter jelly sandwich, and sipping on lipton tea after my failed attempt to curb on eating. It took me about 5 episodes of Sex&theCity until I finally gave in to my growling tummy.

Honestly, I wonder how am I gonna make it for lunch tomorrow with mom&dad.

It just hit me on what a HUGE mistake it is to be going on a trip with my brother w/o my mom/dad around.

  • I’ll be packing his dirty clothes
  • Packing HIS BOXERS.
  • Make sure he wipes his ass properly after shitting. (He never does it right. So shit ends up on his boxers. )
  • Make sure he’s with me 24/7 because CANT.RISK.GETTING.FUCKED.BY.MOM&DAD.
  • I’ll have to put up with all his whining and nonsense.
  • He is sucha kiasu kia, I feel like killing myself sometimes.


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One more try.

Losing (friends)I decided to give us another go. 

I’m hoping that this time, things will work out for us. I’ve missed you so.

But why do I feel like I’m losing my friends whenever you’re back? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming you.

I’m just started to feel as though…

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I’ve been thinking.

That maybe if you stop telling me


that you still miss me,


that you still love me,


it wouldn’t hurt this bad.

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